Officer/Senior Officer Licencing


Our client based in Bath are seeking an Officer/Senior Officer Licencing to join their team on a part time basis.




The primary purpose of this post is to assist in the provision of specialist services within the Building Control and Public Protection service. As part of a team to undertake specialist or technical activities that require academic and practical knowledge gained through formal qualifications and relevant work experience. There will be times when, as a Officer/Senior Officer you will need to work from heights and climb ladders, there will also be times when you will need to walk across fields and uneven ground carrying sampling or other equipment.

This post will work within a designated service portfolio with a high degree of diversity with variable workforce compositions, business needs and priorities. Flexible working arrangements mean that you may also work elsewhere when required.


Level 1:

  • Provide advice to customers about compliance, legislation, regulation, policies, and technical issues ensuring that effective customer relationships are established and maintained, advice provided is understood, accurate and any risks and benefits are identified
  • With the support of a senior post holder, plan and organize own work programmes ensuring that work is completed to set time scales and that service level agreements are attained
  • With support from a senior post holder assist in investigations into alleged customer complaints and criminal offences
    • Conducting formal interviews
    • Obtaining witness evidence including from technical/expert witnesses
    • Seizing goods, documents, and other evidence by virtue of search warrants or statutory powers
    • Preparation of legal case files for consideration by Senior Managers and Legal Services
    • Giving evidence in Court (Magistrates and Crown Courts)
  • Identify and review data and any analysis required to assess problems
  • Under the guidance of a senior post holder prepare and present reports within set time scales to meet our client’s guidelines
  • Under the guidance of a senior post holder, prepare and serve Improvement Notices, and support the execution of warrants and seizure of equipment, unsafe products, and unfit food
  • Under the guidance of a senior post holder, promote and assist the business support agenda, including paid for services
  • Represent the Service as required, including attendance at internal and external meetings.

Level 2 – In addition to the responsibilities listed above:

  • Provide bespoke advice to customers on interpreting and applying policies and technical principles including the achievement of legal compliance; ensuring that effective customer relationships are established and maintained; advice is clear, accurate and provided promptly
  • Ensure our client (through escalation to senior post holders), is made aware of any implications, risks, benefits. Identify and negotiate successful solutions
  • Prepare and present reports on cases or issues, resolving any queries from consultees and ensuring that they are completed on time and meet Council Guidelines
  • With a senior postholder plan and organise projects and cases to support our client’s priorities, and achieve defined policy/technical outcomes in accordance with agreed deadlines
  • Analysing statistical data and completion of a range of Annual returns for central government and other organisations
  • Where appropriate provide team members with technical advice and guidance
  • Prepare and serve both Improvement and Prohibition Notices, together with the planning and execution of warrants and seizure of equipment, unsafe products, and unfit food
  • Contribute to effective team working ensuring that records are current and accurate and team members are kept up to date with any issues or developments
  • Prioritise and manage a caseload with the minimum of supervision
  • Participate in project activity and lead on specific projects or pieces of work on behalf of a senior postholder, taking responsibility for the achievement of outcomes within required timescales

Progression criteria from level 1 to level 2 will be based on a recognised service need to provide a resource that is able to fulfil the requirements detailed below. Progression will be subject to the completion of a portfolio of work and a professional interview. 


  • A minimum of 3 years’ experience in an appropriate role

Level 1:

  • Vocational qualification or experience to level 4 or above, relevant to the one or more of the service areas.
  • Approved professional qualification relevant to the area of work or extensive practical experience of working within the service area, giving rise to a variety of technical skills and sound understanding of the standards, legal responsibilities, work practices and processes relevant to the role. This will be either:
    • Diploma, Degree or MSc in Environmental Health
    • Membership of appropriate professional body
    • Core Skills in Consumer Affairs and Trading Standards (CSCATS)
    • Diploma in Consumer Affairs & Trading Standards
    • Trading Standards Quality Framework
  • Membership of appropriate professional body.

Level 2:

  • Able to satisfy the assessed standards of professional competence laid down by the CIEH , CTSI or equivalent.
  • Diploma in Consumer Affairs and Trading Standards Vocational qualification or experience to at least level 5 or above, relevant to the service user group or equivalent experience to give an in-depth level of knowledge necessary to undertake the most complex cases. Eg:
    • An approved professional qualification relevant to the area of work and practical experience of working within the technical service giving rise to a variety of technical skills and thorough understanding of the principles of the services available, work practices and processes.

Knowledge & Skills Requirements:

Level 1:

  • Knowledge and understanding of technical standards, safe working practices and legislation for service areas.
  • Investigation of a range of criminal offences and unsafe working practices.
  • Inspection of a wide range of businesses/business premises.
  • Provision of legal advice to businesses.

Level 2:

  • Significant experience of working with the most complex and challenging areas of the service.
  • A comprehensive knowledge of legislation and professional codes of practice for the service area.
  • Detailed knowledge of criminal investigation techniques and controls.
  • Detailed knowledge of relevant legislation
  • Understanding of financial constraints and monitoring budgets
  • Completion of complex criminal investigations.
  • Planning, preparing, and undertaking enforcement operations/surveys/projects
  • Experience of supervising others within the same field of work


22.5 hours per week

8.30am – 4.30pm



APPLY Today or for further details please contact the team on 01761 235741.

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