By Jayla Wilcox | June 2, 2020 | 0 Comments

Working From Home Update

A few weeks ago, a member of our team answered some questions on how she is adjusting to working from home. We’ve checked back in too see how she is getting on 12 weeks in, as well as what changes she would make if she had to do it over again.

What’s your Job Role?

I am the Marketing Coordinator for Simple Recruitment

This is still the same, although I have been dusting the cobwebs off of my admin skills due to the current climate.

Do you just wear pyjamas all day?

Definitely not, if I don’t get myself ready every morning by midday, I just feel gross, plus getting ready overall makes me feel more productive, don’t get me wrong I’m not suited and booted, but joggers and a baggy top does the job.

No, I have stuck to my guns on this one, I am still rocking the sweats and baggy top, but I am ensuring I get dressed every morning (sweats still count right?)

Are you crazy productive, or are you streaming Netflix all day?

Some days are more productive than others, which is the same if were home or in the office. Netflix though is a big NO; I may listen to some music or an audio book, but the TV stays off.

Audio books have become my friends, I have been listening to the Harry Potter collection pretty much on repeat while I work, I think one more time around and I’ll be able to recite them.

What advice do you have for people who are now having to work from home?

My first advice would be to be strict with yourself, set guidelines and stick to them. I am very lucky myself to have a fantastic support system both at work and home, so I have found the transition quite easy, well as easy as one could hope for. Keep as up to date with your co-workers as possible, remember to take breaks and if possible, step away from your computer to do so, also never underestimate a good to do list.

I have definitely been keeping up to date with my colleagues, which I have appreciated hugely, whether through email, WhatsApp, or the occasional Zoom call. 3 months in and I am still firm on the being strict aspect, although I may need to reapply that one myself in some areas.

How do you stay motivated?

Honestly, I love my job and I love what I do. I am still learning on a daily basis when it comes to Marketing and I enjoy the challenge. On days where motivation isn’t coming to me as easily, my at home go to is to grab a coffee, stick on some calm music and light a candle, giving my brain some time to rest, even if just for a moment helps a lot.

Nothing has changed here; this has always been my go-to for collecting my thoughts and getting motivated. The coffee consumption is getting larger as time goes on though, I may need to move my desk further from the kitchen 😊

Prioritising work:

This hasn’t yet been an issue, before I began working from home, myself and my bosses sat down and created a project list for me to tackle, so I am enjoying ticking things off the list as I go. Luckily, I am still able to be of assistance to the office via the phone or our internal systems so if they are busy, I can still lend a hand.

When I first new id be working from home, I honestly didn’t expect it to continue this long, or at least thought we would see a light at the end of the tunnel by now. But as always my boss has kept me busy, and we have some very exciting things coming soon. 😊

How to avoid overworking:

This one is one that I am struggling with more than others, the great thing about my job is it’s not a typical 9 – 5, posts can be scheduled and I have the ability to open my laptop at any time of the day or night to work, as I mentioned above though, I do have to be quite strict with myself. I really do enjoy my work so lunch time flies round before I know it and I have to remind myself to stop and take it.

Haha, I’m still a sucker for this, thankfully I have gotten into quite a good routine with lunch times though, so if my daughter isn’t reminding me, my stomach definitely is.


I thought this one would be harder if I am honest, I have a young daughter who is home-schooling at the same time as me working, luckily though I have an amazing support system at home. We home school before I begin work in the mornings and if we don’t get everything done my partner will pick it up where we left off. Thankfully, I have a designated space in my bedroom where I am able to work, I’m not sure how much I would actually get done if I were downstairs with them.

Now, when I first set up my little bedroom desk situation, I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread, a couple of months in though, I probably shouldn’t have placed it directly in front of a window, so most days I’m weighing up between being blinded by the sun or sitting in the dark with my blinds closed. My daughter is still home-schooling, although this has taken some adjustments due to her having Zoom lessons with her teacher three times a day now, so overall interruptions are probably a lot higher than a couple months ago, but nothing that can’t be handled.

Technology hiccups:

Ah, yes, technology! I must say only a couple of hiccups so far, although I am only on week 2. My internet isn’t as capable as in the office but waiting a little longer for something to load won’t hurt me. We also have a fantastic tech company on the other end of the phone if we need any additional help.

Hmmm, well, what can I say. My broadband is so slow that It would be quicker for me to drive to Google and ask them directly, but apart from that I can’t complain, I think technology has been a godsend throughout lockdown and has ensured that individuals like me still have the power to work, albeit remotely.

What do you miss?

I miss my co-workers; I think the hardest part for us all is not knowing how long this may go on for, I am enjoying working from home, but I do miss the social side of working in our office. Plus, I have to make my own coffee now so that’s a bummer!

I still miss my co-workers massively! And popping to the shop on your lunch break for a cheeky meal deal as well 😊 I think overall I have adjusted well to working from home and am hugely appreciative that I had the opportunity to do so.