What can I do to positively add to my skill set from home?

The dictionary describes a skill set as person’s range of skills or abilities. In the job market your skill set will determine your success on the roles you apply for. Certain jobs will require certain skills which is why they are so important. On most jobs descriptions there will be a section for requirements/skills required.

There are two types of skill sets, soft skills, and hard skills.
Soft skills generally relate to interpersonal skills that would allow you to communicate well within the workplace, this can include creativity, adaptability, and teamwork. Hard skills or technical skills allow you to perform a specific task, you gain these skills through training. These can include accounting, SEO, or data analysis.

So how can you learn or improve these skills from home?

There are many options depending on the skill set you wish to learn. Start small, set yourself some goals and identify gaps in your skillset. What skills are required for your dream role?

You can learn what skills you will need in many different ways, the best way we suggest is to search job descriptions to see what skills they are asking for. Other ways include:

  • Volunteer at a local company, job shadow or enter an internship
  • Reach out to people you know in the trade or are connected to on LinkedIn – you’ll be surprised how willing people are to help, ask if they wouldn’t mind a 10-minute zoom call to discuss what the sector is like and what the best route would be for you to take
  • Take an online class – such platforms as Reed or Open University have 1000’s of courses at very reasonable prices too
  • Order books, listen to podcasts and read newsletters – this is a great way to hear first-hand from the people already doing your dream job. Make sure you check out the reviews before purchasing a book or a podcast, you’ll be able to get a feel on whether the content is exactly what you’re looking for.


Different job skill set examples:

  Soft Skills Hard Skills
Administration Time management Microsoft Office skills
  Document management Database management
  Written and verbal communication QuickBooks and Xero
  Trustworthy Editing and Proofreading
Production Prioritising work Delegating
  Build strong relationships Working in Fast-Paced Environment
  Taking initiative Assigning Tasks
Marketing Meeting tight deadlines SEO
  Creativity PPC
  Multitasking Copywriting