What are the qualifying criteria for SSP?

Mar 18, 2020 Announcements
What are the qualifying criteria for SSP?

What are the qualifying criteria for SSP?

  • SSP is payable to employees and certain other ‘employed earners’ who pay Class 1 NI contributions, such as agency workers – they are treated as employees for SSP purposes.


  • It’s paid for sickness absence – when an employee is unable to work or is deemed unable to work (when certain conditions apply).


  • Employees must provide evidence of incapacity – normally a self-certificate for the first 7 days and doctor’s fit note following that.

Although employers are being urged to be flexible given that people are being advised not to go to their GP if they suspect they have or have been exposed to Coronavirus.

Simple Recruitment will require the date and time at which you sought and received medical advices to not work so we can make a note of this and use as your evidence of incapacity.


  • Employees must notify their employer of the sickness absence as per the regulations and any agreement with the employer.

Please call Kim Willcox at our Head offices on 01761 235741


who will be our internal point of contact for all Coronavirus (COVID-19) enquiries / reports of absences etc….


  • Employee must have weekly earnings of at least the lower earnings limit – currently £118 per week (£120 from April 2020).


  • SSP is currently £94.25 per week (increasing to £95.85 per week from April 2020).


Currently only paid from the fourth qualifying day of absence but the Prime Minister has announced that it will be payable from day 1 where related to Coronavirus. Backdated to the 13th March 2020.


Ref: https://www.rec.uk.com/legal-resources/legal-guide/Statutory-sick-pay#523571 on Wednesday 18.03.2020

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