We Have Big News!!!

Feb 24, 2020 Announcements | General
We Have Big News!!!

Those that know Jayla Wilcox, whether work colleagues/acquaintances or personal friends will know that every year she tries to do something (via her company Simple Recruitment) for charity. Whether it be running, cycling, collecting Easter eggs for children’s charities or necessities for the homeless she’s tried (with much success and brilliant support) to help.

This year she wanted to help a local charity and wanted to do something a little different.

Simple Recruitment were lucky enough this year to become Finalists at the very prestigious Bath Life Awards (awaiting final result), and at the Reception for these awards Jayla met some wonderful people from WHY.

We Hear You (WHY) works across Bath and North East Somerset, Somerset and Wiltshire providing emotional support to patients, families, friends and carers who have been affected by cancer or any other life threatening condition.

And so she found her challenge, her something different and both Jayla & Tony Britten (our Contracts Manager) and have agreed to throw themselves out of a plane (10,000ft, 30 Sec free fall) for this wonderful cause.


We hope you (your companies, friends and great Aunty Nelly: 😁) will find a few pennies to help us raise as much as we can.

This is somewhat of a challenge for Jayla given that she couldn’t step of a high wire with her daughter in August last year on a family holiday 😱

I hope you join us in wishing them both the best of luck!


If you would like to discover more about the amazing work that WHY undertake please follow the link below:

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