Tips on home-schooling while working from home

Mar 25, 2020 Hints tips
Tips on home-schooling while working from home
1. Give Yourself Time to Adjust:
This is new territory to most of us, it will take much trial and error to adjust to our new environments.
2. Create a Routine:
Whether its school AM and work PM or another arrangement, structure will help not only yourself, but also your children as well, a daily to do list can help you from feeling overwhelmed.
3. Be Realistic:
Be realistic on what you can achieve during this time, although we would all appreciate more hours in the day, this isn’t available, work on being as productive as possible within the time that you have.
4. Flexibility:
No two days will look the same, some days you will achieve more than others, and that’s ok. Try to be as flexible as possible with your work/home balance.
5. You Do Not Need to Recreate School at Home:
Attention spans may be shorter while in a home environment, you do not need to keep up a strict 8-hour school schedule. Try schooling between certain hours of the day and achieve what you can within the time frame.
6. Share the Load:
If you have others within the household, could they share some of the responsibility? A loved one taking on a certain subject or an older sibling reading to the younger ones, ultimately giving you more time to focus on your work.
7. Remember to Take a Break:
We all try to juggle it all at once but remember to give your body time to rest and refuel, have scheduled time for lunch and try your best to step away from your workstation during those times.
8. Enjoy:
Make the most of the time you have, laugh when possible and get creative, picnics in the garden or making learning fun, enjoy the extra time you have at home with your family.
9. Have a Dedicated Work and Learning Space:
Create a motivating environment, light a candle, ensure the room has good lighting, open a window and if possible, have a table for your children to sit at. Same applies for your workspace, preferably a designated spot where you are able to close the door on the hustle and bustle.
10. Be Understanding:
As an adult we are finding this situation challenging, try to be mindful that your children are in the same boat. Many of them will not understand as well as us the reasoning behind not seeing their friends or remaining inside all day. Remember to stop and be in the moment whenever possible.

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