Teamwork in the Workplace

Feb 21, 2019 Hints tips
Teamwork in the Workplace

It’s widely accepted that teamwork is a good thing. Unless you are running a one man show, you have to admit that a business benefits when its employees are working together.

There are a number of benefits of working in teams for both individuals and for the business. It gives a great opportunity for professional development and makes problem-solving much easier since people with different knowledge, strength and skills, will work together synergistically to produce a creative solution. Productivity is boosted, a greater sense of morale is achieved and it also improves the service provided to customers.

If you feel that the teamwork in your business could use a little boost, here are some tips to help improve your employees ability to work together to produce great results:

Clarify Roles

Teamwork does not mean that everyone should share one workload. One of the most common sources of conflict and dissatisfaction in teams stems from the lack of role clarity between team members. If your team members don’t understand how they fit into the team, it can be stressful and cause them to carry out work that they shouldn’t be or don’t want to be doing.

Determine all the roles within your company. Who is in charge of each role? List tasks that you want each team members to be perfoming as a part of their role, using their job description as a guide. Then, list what they are currently doing and look for any gaps.

For any gap that is found, determine who you think should be performing that task.

One member of the team could actually be carrying out work that another member should be doing.


Set Goals

If there are any long-term business goals, all employees should be clear on these. When there are clear business or team goals to work towards, teamwork becomes purporseful.

If you want to be a team, you need to share a common goal.


Reward Excellent Teamwork

Giving formal recognition of employee achievements is one of the best ways to encourage teamwork. If an individual goes above and beyond to help the team or company as a whole, ensure that they feel acknowledged and appreciated for their efforts.

Take time to celebrate achievements together and promote effective teamwork by making others aware of the progress made by individual team members.


Don’t Micro-Manage

If you employees are treated like children who can’t be trusted to work like unsupervised adults, they can’t be expected to work together as an effective team.

Micromanagement is the ultimate controlling management style. It’s very counter-intuitive as the desire for complete control can result in further problems in the long-run.


Get Feedback

In order to achieve the long-term goals of the business, a brainstorming session can be great. Requesting feedback from all roles within the company, from the Receptionist to the Director, can result in generating brilliant ideas that wouldn’t have otherwise been thought of to solve problems.



Teamwork isn’t something that can be forcefully imposed upon workers. Instead, teamwork is something that will naturally occur when team members are happy and their ideas or efforts are appreciated.

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