Summer in the office

Jul 05, 2018 Hints tips
Summer in the office
I’m sure everyone has noticed that the good weather has arrived! Workplace data suggests that productivity drops 20% during the summer months, with 45% of employees admitting that they’re more distracted. This could be down to your social media being filled with photos of tropical getaways and tan lines or excitement about an upcoming holiday.


Here are some little hints and tips to keep you focused in the workplace while still making time to enjoy the sunshine.


Brighten your desk
Everyone knows that colours can seriously affect our mood and work ethic, so why not try to incorporate some fun, summery colours into your workspace?


Enjoy a frozen treat
Why not involve everyone in the office in enjoying a Friday treat by picking up some ice creams for the team? Or if your office has a freezer, why not stock up on some ice lollies? Taking a quick break from work has been proven to actually increase your productivity.


Get outside
It’s no fun being inside when the weather is nice and a little fresh air can do wonders for both your mind and body. Make the most of the weather by taking time to enjoy the sunshine on your lunch break or even by walking to and from the office.


Change up your wardrobe
Keeping your company’s dress code in mind, why not find ways to incorporate your summer pieces into your wardrobe. You don’t need to be wearing the same clothes you wore during the winter.


Don’t skip your holiday
Everyone needs a good work-life balance to stay happy but many of us are guilty of skipping holidays, with research showing that only 77% of average employees take their allotted annual leave. Taking breaks from work can lead to higher productivity rates and using the summer to take time off is essential for recharging your batteries.

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