Staying Motivated During Your Job Search

Feb 21, 2018 Hints tips
Staying Motivated During Your Job Search
Searching for a new role can be a stressful and frustrating process, especially if you have been job hunting for a while without success! It is easy to feel disheartened when faced with multiple rejection emails or no response whatsoever, however, if you’re going to succeed and triumph in your search for a new opportunity, you need to keep motivated! If you’re finding it difficult to remain positive, try following some of these tips…
  • Get into a routine If you’re not working at present, it can be tempting to sleep in late. However, it is important to get into a routine – get up nice and early, ready to face the day, and focus on your job search. However, this does not mean that you shouldn’t have days off. Doing something job-search related every day can result in you losing sight of your main objectives. Free days – having some time off from thinking about cover letters, CVs and interview questions – can alleviate all those job-search frustrations and help restore your drive.
  • Learn a new skill Spend any spare time you have trying to improve your CV content or learning a skill that you’ve always wanted to master. Of course, it makes sense that this be something which will help you in the area you would like to work in. Learning new skills stretches your brain and brightens your outlook as well as boosting your CV.
  • Get plenty of fresh air Just because you’re searching for a job, it doesn’t mean that you should be spending all of your free time cooped up inside. Make sure that you get out and about, exercise and get plenty of fresh air regularly to keep you refreshed and motivated.
  • Learn from rejections Don’t let rejection emails dishearten you, if it’s a company that you really like, ask to be kept on their database for future opportunities. You can also try asking for feedback – was there something which made you unsuitable for the role? Identify where you’re struggling, whether it is with your CV formatting or the way you deliver yourself in an interview. This could help you on your job search moving forward.
  • Set yourself daily goals If you don’t have anything concrete to work towards, you have nothing to focus on and will find yourself achieving very little! Goals help to keep your mind focused on the things that are important and keep you feeling positive about your future.

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