Simple Recruitment slaying the myths

Simple Recruitment slay the most persummed myths regarding recruitment. What are some of the myths you’ve heard over the years? 

  1. Recruitment agencies take a % of your salary

As a Recruitment Consultancy the only thing Simple Recruitment will take from your weekly wage is your tax and national insurance contributions and any other legitimate deductions- pension etc.. just like a regular employer.

  1. They only have low paid, low skilled jobs

Simple Recruitment Consultancy specialise in Commercial and Industrial vacancies at all levels across all pay grades. Dealing with temporary and permanent roles we cover a plethora of opportunities all of which are advertised on our website and social media platforms. 

  1. It costs to join an agency

The only cost for a candidate to join an agency is the price to print off your CV, and Simple will even do that for you too.

  1. You can only join one agency

You may join as many agencies as you wish, although ensure your tax code sits with the agency whom you do the bulk of your work with as you do not want to suffer basic rate tax on your core role.

  1. They can’t help me

Simple Recruitment will do everything we are trained to do, although most agencies will agree, it’s a two-way street, a successful candidate will need to do their part too.

  1. Recruiters only care about money

Most definitely not, recruitment is a passion and our consultants will agree that after taking the time to register a candidate, discuss their CV and speak to potential clients on their behalf, when you find them that perfect role it’s a big rush.