Recruiter or Cupid?

Matching people to jobs and jobs to people in order to create lasting relationships with clients and candidates is all about getting to know the right people.

Simple Recruitment get to know our candidates and clients in-depth, learning about everything from what they enjoy, to what possible future prospects may be there for them within an organisation. This goes part way to drawings cupids bow.

At the start of this relationship neither candidate nor client ‘know’ one another, so Simple make these initial introductions.

First impressions count for everything. When looking for a job or a potential new recruit – a CV creates that impression – it has to count, it has to be specific, it has to arouse interest!

Check out our blog on ‘writing the perfect CV’ @             

The 1st date

The all-important first interview, don’t replicate a bad date!

Let Simple assist in your preparation – candidates and clients will have all the information they require to ensure the 1st date goes well and the meeting is a good one.

2nd date

You meet again, a second interview should feel less ‘formal’ but no less professional, this is your time to get to know one another a little better. Ask questions, understand expectations.

Cupid had released the arrow!

A job offer has been made. Client is happy with their new recruit and candidate thrilled at the job opportunity that presents itself.

Champagne pops, the start of a beautiful relationship.




So recruiter or cupid?

Recruitment is a beautiful thing