By Charlotte Heath | March 31, 2021 | 0 Comments

March Temp of the Month

Somerset (pictured left)

Thomas has been an amazing candidate for Simple Recruitment, we placed him into his current assignment two years ago and he has excelled in every way possible. He is a huge asset and a valued member of the Simple Recruitment Team.

Wiltshire (pictured right) 

Guillaume is a dedicated and reliable worker who is getting on extremely well in his assignment. He never fails to visit us on a Friday once he finishes his shift to bring us his timesheet and tell us a “Friday joke!” which puts a smile on everyone’s face.


Michael has been with our client for the past 34 weeks. His work ethic is super, he is adaptable in his role to suit the client and has remained transparent while working throughout the lockdown period.


Congratulations Guys, very well deserved