Making your application stand out

Sep 11, 2018 Hints tips
Making your application stand out
When a company advertises a role, chances are they are going to receive hundreds of applications.
But how can anyone stand out among all these other applicants?
Here are some tips to distinguish yourself when hundreds of people are applying for the job you want:
Don't ditch the cover letter
Be sure to customise your CV and cover letter to the specific role you are applying for. Don't be afraid to detail relevant skills and experiences you may have gained. The cover letter should explain why you want to work for them and what makes you the most suitable candidate.
Spend time learning about the company - their values and mission. Take a look at their website and try to learn as much as possible about them before applying and certainly before interviewing. You will appear much more attractive to employers if you are able to demonstrate knowledge of their business.
Style tips
Refining your writing style will improve the quality of your application. Employers are looking for confident applicants who can convince them of their capabilities. Use power words such as adaptable, innovative, implement and achieved. Ensure your spelling and grammar are correct - eorrs are a sure-fire way to get your application noticed for all the wrong reasos. Ask somebody such as a parent, careers advisor or friend to read through your application form to check for any errors that you may not have spotted.
Results rather than responsibilities
Instead of listing off the responsibilities your held within each of your past roles, make your CV stand out my emphasising your results and achievements.

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