Job Searching Whilst Employed

Feb 08, 2018 Hints tips
Job Searching Whilst Employed
Looking for a new job can be stressful enough, but it can be quite an uncomfortable time if you’re presently in employment, attempting to hide your job search from your existing employer.   While it’s important to keep your job search quiet, you also want to remain on good terms with your current employer.   Below is a list of top tips to help you search for a new role whilst employed.
  • Don’t search for roles on company time Don’t search for jobs on your work computer or use your company phone or email to communicate with potential employers. Besides being unethical, it leaves behind a digital trail that could cost you your job.If you do get contacted by a recruiter during the day, make sure that you take the call outside or on your lunch break.
  • Don’t start slacking in your current role Don’t let your intentions to find another role affect your current tasks and responsibilities at work. If you start to slack off, this will raise alarm bells for your employer and they may ask questions. Making little effort will leave a bad impression if you are to leave, keep your performance strong and consistent in your existing role.
  • Be careful who you tell that you are job hunting If you do tell people, be strategic about it. I’m not just talking about your colleagues, it’s also important to keep it quiet amongst your friends and family too. Only tell those that you know will keep it quiet.
  • Use your annual leave or arrange interviews outside of working hours Since you can’t suddenly start taking unexplained periods of time out of the office without raising suspicion, get creative with scheduling your interviews. Try to schedule them before or after work or during lunchtime. If you interviewer isn’t flexible, use vacation or personal days for interviews.

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