By Charlotte Heath | October 12, 2020 | 0 Comments

Halloween is cancelled!

Don’t go telling the kids yet, but it looks like trick or treating is cancelled this year and due to social distancing the Halloween parties won’t be going ahead either. With a rule of 6 alongside keeping your distance the thought of knocking or multiple doors asking for candy will have to be missed.

Although all is not lost, for 7 months now coronavirus has impacted our day to day lives, we have been locked down, schools became virtual, businesses told to work from home if not close all together, and worst of all we have been asked not to see our families. Just as restrictions began to lift it seems we may be facing some of these hard truths all over again.

Now comes the time for time for us all to get creative!

Trick or treating may not be considered safe but we can still make Halloween special for the kids, who will most certainly be upset at the thought of missing out on all that candy.

We all remember the rainbows that were crafted and hung in almost every window across the UK, to celebrate our NHS and also for children and adults alike to count on their daily walks. An idea that can surely be transferred to our October celebrations.

Instead of rainbows, we create pumpkins, all shapes, and sizes, made from all kinds of materials. If willing, we place these pumpkins in our windows, that way children can still get dressed up and go on a pumpkin search, for every pumpkin that they find their parent can put a sweet in their bag.

Better yet, this pumpkin hunt can happen on any evening at any time, keeping those distances.

A creative way to keep our children safe this October, while keeping the magic alive also.


You can find lots of ideas and templates on sites such as Pinterest. We will most certainly be dressing for the occasion, will you?

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