Brexit Transition – European workers

There will be more information on this in the coming months when it’s available however here are some important points which we know;

01/01/2021 – Entry for European workers will be restricted and must obtain a working visa/sponsorship from employer. This relates to skilled workers which is very similar to international workers gaining entry into the UK.

30/06/2021 – All European workers who are already working in the UK and have not obtained British citizenship must make an application for settled status/pre settled status. It is advised that any workers you engage with are doing this now rather than last minute. Link for them to use is here;,make%20your%20own%20application%20first.

01/07/2021 – Proof that settled status has been obtained and all right to work checks must be completed again. (Further information will provided when we have it)

Leading up to 01/07/2021 all current processes for right to work remain the same, please refer to Right_to_Work_Checklist.pdf (