By Charlotte Heath | August 30, 2019 | 0 Comments

August Temp of the Month


Our Head Office have chosen two temp of the months for August! Having so many excellent candidates, they just could not pick only one!
The Industrial temp of the month is Leng. πŸ˜€

Leng has been a great candidate since starting with Simple Recruitment. He has undertaken any assignment we have given him and taking it in his stride gaining excellent feedback from all of our clients regarding his reliability and hard work.

The Commercial temp of the month has been awarded to Victoria.πŸ˜€
Victoria has worked for Simple for over 20 Weeks now and her feedback has been excellent.

Bideford temp of the month for August has been awarded to Daffy!πŸ˜€
Daffy is one of the most enthusiastic and reliable candidates we have on our books and never fails to put a smile on the teams faces when he pops in to say hi.πŸ˜„

Wiltshire temp of the month for August has been awarded to Daniel.πŸ˜„
Daniel has been working for us for a total of 8 weeks now. A dedicated, reliable and bubbly chap!

Congratulation guys, keep up the good work!!