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A ‘fall’ day in the life of our Marketing Coordinator/Branch Administrator

As I technically have two roles it was hard to document just one full day, so I have chosen one day per role. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I am in our Bideford branch as our branch Administrator and Tuesdays and Thursdays I work from home at the company’s Marketing Coordinator.

Although two days are never the same, a typical day goes like this.


Fridays- Admin

6.15am – My alarm goes off, although I normally roll out of bed at around 6.30am. If my daughter isn’t already awake (she always is!) I wake her up and it’s time to head downstairs for breakfast.

6.40am – While my little one eats; I prepare her fruit snacks and drink and make sure her bag is ready for school. I could probably do this the night before and I always have the intention to, but I don’t.  

7am – Time for us both to start getting ready.

7.45am – We are both ready to go (or we are supposed to be), we have a quick 10-minute walk to school, a wave goodbye and a further 10-minute walk for me to get to the office. The second I’m through the door the kettle is on and my coffee mug is out! Once I have my morning juice I sit at my desk and begin writing my to do list for the day.

8.30am – My workday officially starts, normally first point of call is answering any emails from the day before, or any administrative tasks that were sent to me on my marketing day.   

9.30am – Candidate packs, as I would have been working from home the day before my mornings are usually spent uploading candidate packs onto our internal system. This includes adapting all their CV’s, checking they have all necessary documents and obtaining references. Depending on the amount of packs to upload this can occasionally take me through to lunch time.


My further administrative tasks can vary in time, although there are certain things that need to be checked off of my list every Friday, these include:

  • Requesting a report from our payroll system which will let me know which candidates are in which assignment, I tally this up to our daybook and add or remove candidates wherever necessary. This usually takes me around half an hour to 45 minutes depending on the size of the task.
  • Rebooking candidates into their assignments for the following week on our internal recruitment system

  • Double checking the total numbers are correct compared the information provided on our current daybook.
  • Creating a daybook for the following week. Ensuring that things such as AWR changes, pay rates, days and hours are true and correct.
  • Batch Text, this is an SMS message sent to our candidates through our internal systems, thanking them for their hard work and to continue in their assignments the following week.
  • Printing the new daybook
  • Rearranging the ‘candidates out working’ drawers to match the daybook for the following week, making packs easy and quick to find for our consultants.

Once all of this is competed I usually set aside some time for any other tasks that may arise, these include sending details to candidates entering new assignments, adapting CV’s ready for consultants to speck to potential clients, checking our enquiries email address and completing job descriptions for new jobs which need to be advertised over the weekend.

After scanning our current daybook to our payroll department ready for processing Monday morning, I usually have some new roles to upload, this includes creating infographics, and posting them across all our social media platforms, indeed and on our website.

The last hour usually includes taking the time to check everything over. Making sure all our scheduled posts are ready to go out on the correct days at the correct times, all our jobs are live and active, and everything is generally set for the next couple of days.

And finally, a big Friday clean down, as long as everything else is caught up with, alongside my colleagues we complete a thorough clean down of the office, ensuring all surfaces are sterilised and wiped down etc.


17.00pm – Home time, a 15-minute walk home (unfortunately up hill) to relieve my partner who has kindly picked up our daughter from school before returning to work himself.

17.30pm – After a chin wag about her day we start dinner. Nothing extra special I’m afraid, but usually something quick and easy as little one has already eaten a hot meal at school. While dinner is cooking I usually try to get any housework completed and chuck in at least one load of washing.

After food we sit down to complete homework, this isn’t usually too much on a Friday, but we like to keep our weekends free and clear.

Quick shower and tv time and little one is in bed by 19.30. (that’s a lie, she’s supposed to be in bed for 19.30, it’s more like 8, or half past 😊)

Finally, I try to finish the housework I didn’t get done before, grab a shower myself before my partner comes home and we can finally sit down for the night to watch a movie.


Tuesdays – Marketing:

Repeat the morning above, apart from making the coffee in the office, I instead make this at home and sit at my dining room table to work.

My Marketing days can look very different, dependant on whether I have projects on at the time or not. On a typical day there are a few things I need to check off of my list, these include:

  • Job checklists – each consultant/branch will send me a list of all their active roles, as well as some new ones if any. It’s my job to tally these lists up to all of our social platforms, indeed and our website. Adding and removing jobs to ensure that only our active roles are, well, active.

Once all of this is finalised I share our current roles and get them all out there, being sure to get our roles Infront of the people who need to see them.

  • Now comes content, time to get creative… Most of my Marketing days are spent thinking of content, creating that content, and scheduling it to go out over our platforms for the following week. Being sure to have a mixed variety of content, these can include:
  • Blogs
  • Infographics
  • Photos of the team
  • Simple Successes
  • Company updates etc.

This is usually the time I move from the dining room table to my sofa, not sure why I do this, maybe the feeling of being cosy with my coffee and a big blanket helps me feel more creative? Who knows.

If I have any projects at the time, this will then be the time I tackle them. I try to get all of my content thought of and created in one sitting so my next marketing day can be spent filling in the gaps, scheduling and knuckling down on projects.

During these days I can almost guarantee I will be thrown the odd job description or two, which I use as a buffer when my brain needs a little break from the blog writing.

Repeat evening written above 😊


Not all my days look like these, but hopefully this gives you an idea of a ‘fall’ day in the life as Simple Recruitments Marketing Coordinator and Bideford’s Branch Administrator.